BDAAP – Blue Devil Athletics Academic Program

Blue Devil Athletics Academic Program at SPRINGBROOK HIGH SCHOOL


At Springbrook High School, we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to participate in a high quality athletic program, knowing that their involvement in athletics will be an invaluable asset to their total educational experience.

Keeping in mind that student-athletes are students first, their academic standing will directly determine their participation in athletics.  Thus, achievement in the classroom is an athlete’s first commitment to his/her team.

We recognize that the same hard work and dedication needed to be successful in competition is also required in the classroom.  We also understand that balancing the demands and responsibilities needed to be a successful student-athlete is no simple task.

Therefore, in an effort to monitor and support the academic progress of our student-athletes, Springbrook proudly presents the Blue Devil Athletics Academic Program (BDAAP).

We know that when students excel in the classroom, they will better perform in the realm of athletic competition. We assist student-athletes with time management and discipline in order to help students find success in both the classroom and on the field.

Through this program, we monitor grades and work collaboratively with the student-athletes, athletic coaches, teachers and parents.  During official check weeks, Academic Coaches will be available during lunch, before and/or after school.


  • Student-athlete progress will be monitored electronically by the Academic Coach (AC) using school resources. The AC will check student progress on a bi-weekly basis and will generate academic reports for coaches. Any student-athlete who is receiving a D or E in a class will be issued a BDAAP Sheet for the upcoming week.
  • The BDAAP Sheet is intended to hold the athlete accountable for taking steps to improve his/her grade. Just getting a teacher’s signature on the BDAAP Sheet is NOT enough. The athlete must make an effort to improve the grade by: going in for extra help, completing and submitting assignments, taking a reassessment, reviewing class notes or homework with the teacher, meeting with a tutor, etc. BEFORE THE DEADLINE.
  • A study hall will be available for student-athletes in E-208 during lunch for weeks that students have their BDAAP Sheets.
  • Athletes who cannot meet the DEADLINE because of extenuating circumstances should contact their Academic Coach or Athletic Director immediately.
  • Athletes must return completed BDAAP Sheet to their academic coach before or by the DEADLINE. Any athlete who fails to return a completed BDAAP Sheet by the deadline will be UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE in athletics until complying with the requirements.


A 3.25 unweighted GPA qualifies student-athletes for the

Minds in Motion Scholar-Athlete Scholarship,

as well as secures their eligibility for athletic participation.