Blue Devils News · Golf Coach Lipinski Recognized by NHSGA!!

In addition to supporting all of the teachers at SHS through technology challenges, Lindsey Lipinski also coaches the varsity golf and varsity softball teams.  Recently, the National High School Golf Association highlighted her for all of her fantastic work and giving ways.  No surprise, she goes above and beyond for all of our students!

Check out the article…more to come! 😊  CONGRATULATIONS COACH LIPINSKI!!

Coach Lipinski – Maryland – Springbrook High School

Lindsey Lipinski goes above and beyond the normal expectations of a coach on a regular basis.  Golf at our school has low participation because kids are not able to grow up learning the game.  Before she took over, our team would frequently not be able to field the required number of players in order to have their scores count in matches.  Lindsey doesn’t accept this, and wants the team’s scores to count, so she actively recruits students to fill out the roster by holding meeting and practice sessions to introduce the sport to our school population.  She always gets kids to join the team who have never played golf before, and she is able to instruct them from the very beginning while also really pushing the one or two students on the team who have more extensive experience.
Golf equipment is expensive and very few Springbrook golfers ever come with their own equipment.  Our school has a partnership with a local organization, Leveling the Playing Field, that accepts donations of used sports equipment and gives to to local sports organizations in need.  Lindsey has set up appointments and visited the distribution center multiple times in order to get clubs and bags For all of the kids on her team to have equipment to play with.
She works hard to create a very tight-knit team, promoting them on Twitter and through the school announcements.  In our district of 25 high schools, most teams have parent volunteers who drive the athletes to practices and matches.  Our school doesn’t have as many parents with the flexibility to drive at that time of day, so Lindsey piles up to 4 kids in her small car, along with their golf bags, to transport them to and from the courses.
For all of these reasons, Lindsey Lipinski deserves to be recognized as a giving, caring coach who goes above and beyond for her athletes.