Blue Devils News · Congrats to Mario Herrera – Lead Em Up Green 13!!

Congratulations to junior Mario Herrera, Springbrook football player/wrestler, on being named to the Lead ‘Em Up Green 13 team!!  Here is some information about this honor, from Lead ‘Em Up.  Way to lead, Mario!!  Springbrook is extremely proud of you!

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We had close to 10K athletes go through Lead ‘Em Up Live Training last year and in each of those instances we share our message of athletes needing to be “Green.”

For simplification purposes, green represents “money”, which is a synonym in today’s vocabulary for “special.”

As we traveled the country we wanted to spotlight those athletes that stood out as special, that were “money” teammates and 100% Green. This isn’t referring to them as athletes but rather as people; their leadership and character.

With so many incredible young leaders narrowing the list down wasn’t easy but we were able to get down to our final 13.  Once we identified the 13 we did additional research on each athlete to confirm those selected truly were “green,” not just in-season but rather all-seasons.  In each instance, everyone passed the approval test.

As part of Green 13 each athlete will be presented a Lead ‘Em Up swag pack with a special Green Team verification check-mark as well as FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR courtesy of our friends at Chick-Fil-A (Kayla Smith – Owner/Operator CFA – Germantown).